We started from a simple idea

If you love fishing as much as we do or have been around our seas a lot, you understand the issue our generation is facing. For our founder, Viktor, the realization of the magnitude of the ocean plastic epidemic came right after a single trip from Europe to Asia. Walking on the littered beach and scuba diving in the waters where’s swimming more plastic than fish was an eye-opening moment.

Inspired by the successful lifestyle businesses that were able to build passionate followings, he decided to use the same business model to battle the ocean plastic crisis - in his own way. He decided to do what he loves the most and speak to people with the closest and personal bonds to our waters - the fishermen.

After almost a year of intense planning and communication with various business partners, we were ready. Never forgetting our core belief - that business CAN be a force for good and the actions of individual people, collectively, have the power to change the world entirely.

Our mission

The main focus and reason behind this project are bringing a thriving life back to our shores. If we take no action NOW, the resulting negative outcome will impact our ecosystems, economies, and health.

We believe that fishermen are the people sharing the deepest connections with our oceans, rivers, and lakes. They stand in the front line, while the places providing their unforgettable experiences, livelihood or relaxation are disappearing. We are here to change this and we won't stop until we can all go out fishing without seeing a floating cup on the water surface.

The difference

We’re not here just to make fishing lures. We’re here to revive our waters and bring a thriving life back to them. How? It is achieved by closing the ocean plastic pollution at the source and recovering the ocean plastic already accumulated in our oceans. And this is exactly what we're doing. We are a purpose-driven business on a mission to end the ocean plastic pollution crisis.

Now, you can be a part of it. By supporting our mission YOU can make a difference.


We're here to change consumption habits - by closing the pollution at source and cleaning up the damage already made.

If you're interested, you can read a full Alternative Sustainability Report here.

floating ghost net in the ocean
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We're sustainable

By closing pollution at the source, cleaning up the plastic that's accumulated in seas, and leveraging emission offsetting we were able to create the first net-positive fishing tackle program in the world.

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We're CO2 neutral

Each movement of ocean plastic, recycled material, and finished fishing lures is tracked, and CO2 emissions are calculated. The resulting value in emissions is offset in favor of the various sustainable energy projects.

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We're scalable

Our current setup and capacities allow us to gradually scale up our production to meet any demand. That would concurrently mean more ghost nets recovered and faster ocean plastic cleanup.

How do we work?

1. Recovery

2. Washing

3. Recycling

4. Production

recovery picture

We recover nets from the sea bottom

Ghost nets are either recovered directly from the ocean bottom by our partners or handed over to us for recycling by nearby fishermen.

washing picture

Recovered nets are washed and segregated

Recovered ghost nets are transported ashore, washed from any debris and non-plastic particles. Later, they are segregated by the material type and usability.

recycling picture

Waste is transformed into plastic pellets

After thorough washing, the plastic is melted and recycled to form the plastic pellets, which is a raw material for production of fishing lures.

production picture

Pellets are molded into the fishing lures

The next step in line is the actual creation of blank lure model from obtained plastic pellets, subsequently followed by coloring and packaging.

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