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Bass Softies - Upcycled Soft Lures Bundle, 47 pcs

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We've taken useless plastic from companies and individuals and transformed it into soft lures. The result? Indestructible, yet the flexible soft lures of the new generation! Recycled,...
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We've taken useless plastic from companies and individuals and transformed it into soft lures. The result? Indestructible, yet the flexible soft lures of the new generation!

Recycled, flexible - yet indestructible

As we looked for ways to clean up our environment, we’ve developed a new formula on how to create soft lures unprecedented anywhere in the world.

We create our lures out of recycled plastic received from individuals, or companies. Without intervention, such plastics would end up discarded in a landfill, in nature, or at sea. By closing the loop, we created premium soft lures that prevent the production of new virgin plastics while recycling the plastic that has already entered its lifecycle.

But there's more! If you‘re tired of fish biting the tails off your lures, this is your go-to bundle. We made sure you can keep catching fish on the same bait while not compromising flexibility.

Floating action

Our lures float – giving you a unique way for the presentation. You don‘t need any special jig head to stand a bait up on the bottom, you can fish the baits right above the weeds if you want to, etc. It’s up to you!

What else?

We made sure there are no harmful chemicals that would cause damage anywhere. You see, usually, soft plastics use plastisol, or phthalates as plasticizers. It means they release toxins in case they are discarded in water for a longer time. We got rid of those. Our baits contain no plastisol, no phthalates, no environmental hormones to cause harm. No matter how you get rid of it, nothing harmful will be left behind.

One more thing – they are infinitely recyclable! You just need to take it, melt it, and re-mold it into something else.

NOTE: Each lure set is unique in its color. We collect and recycle all kinds of plastic and separate them according to its color. As each batch contains various colored plastics, the final shade of lure might be slightly different.


9 packs of Alternative soft fishing lures.

  • 2x Papa Craw - colors Red Russian & Dark Flex
  • 2x Chopstick - colors Crawberry & Green Pumpkin
  • 2x Bugaloo - colors Red Russian & Green Pumpkin
  • 2x Saucy Swimmer - colors Bloodshine & Electric Green
  • 1x Slinky - color Dark Flex

Targeted species:

Specifically designed to target bass.



  • Made from 100% recycled post-consumer or post-industrial waste.
  • UNBREAKABLE - Extra-sturdy yet soft material withstanding even the harshest punishments.
  • Our lures FLOAT - Expect the unique action in each lure set.
  • Made out of infinitely recycled & recyclable material.
  • Phthalate-free, non-toxic, and generally safer option compared to regular lures.

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We create tackle aimed at protecting and conserving our fisheries for generations to come. Each piece of our lures is eco-friendly, non-toxic, 100% recycled & recyclable, and comes with offset emissions.

Why do we do this? Because only in waters full of life can fishing experiences be unforgettable. Using recycled material only, we cut the plastic pollution at the source. Other than that, we lessen the emissions from production by 85%!

Unlike the regular lures, we used no phthalates, plastisol, BPAs, or PVC. There's nothing dangerous to you or nature to leak out.

Other than that, there will be no swelling of the lure after it is lost in the rocks or eaten by fish, making it easier to disgorge. Also, as no toxins were used, it doesn't represent a "poison" to fish.

But most importantly, they are infinitely recyclable. You can just take your old lure, melt it down, and re-mold it into a completely new shape without any change in quality.

first lures from recovered plastic

We've created the first fishing tackle with a certified direct net-positive impact on the planet

We’re here to revive our waters and bring a thriving life back to them. If we take no action NOW, the resulting negative outcome will impact our ecosystems, economies, and health. We are a purpose-driven business on a mission to end the ocean plastic pollution crisis.

sustainable logo

We're sustainable

By closing pollution at the source, cleaning up the plastic that's accumulated in seas, and leveraging emission offsetting we were able to create the first net-positive fishing tackle program in the world. Read a full Alternative Sustainability Report here.

carbon neutral logo

We're CO2 Neutral

Each movement of ocean plastic, recycled material, and finished tackle is tracked, and CO2 emissions are calculated. The resulting value in emissions is offset in favor of the various sustainable energy projects.

scalable logo

We're Scalable

Our current setup and capacities allow us to gradually scale up our production to meet any demand. That would concurrently mean more ghost nets recovered and faster ocean plastic cleanup.

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