About project

We’ve found an innovative solution to one of the most harmful forms of ocean plastic. We recover the ghost nets from the oceans’ bottom and upcycle them into premium fishing lures.

Why? Because only in clean waters full of thriving life can fishing experiences be unforgettable. All of us who enjoy fishing and who find peace on the waters should come together and stand up for what we know is right.

Unlike traditional lures, our lures draw on recycled materials. We have upcycled these materials to combat the 640,000+ tons of ghost nets that wind up in the sea every year and do our part to protect the marine life. The way that we see it, fishing does not need to be a net-negative for our environment. A better path is possible, and we’re proud to lead the way there.

Our mission

The main focus and reason behind this project is bringing a thriving life back to our shores. If we take no action NOW, the resulting negative outcome will impact our ecosystems, economies, and health.

We believe that fishermen are the people sharing the deepest connections with our oceans, rivers, and lakes. They stand in the front line, while the places providing their unforgettable experiences, livelihood or relaxation are disappearing. We are here to change this!

The difference

No lure is good enough to catch a fish in waters in which there are none. That’s why we’re not here just to make fishing lures.

We’re here to revive our waters and bring a thriving life back to them. How? It is achieved by closing the pollution at the source and cleaning up the damage that has been already done.

You can be a part of it. By supporting our mission YOU can make the difference.

COntact & Bio

Alt Corp s.r.o., Bernolakovo namestie 1175/1, 940 02 Nove Zamky, Slovak republic

Viktor Fazekas (CEO)
Email: viktor@alternativefishinglures.com
Facebook: Viktor Fazekaš

About me:

I am a passionate fisherman, scuba diver, and social media marketer. In this exact order.

Last year I’ve turned 30. And I have been fishing for the last 25 of them. While doing so (and a lot of scuba diving), I didn’t have any other chance than to notice the degradation of our fisheries and places that were full of life.

That’s why I decided to create an “Alternative” fishing lure project. To protect our precious marine life and turn fishing from a damaging activity into an environmetnal protection movement.

Other than that, I was able to run multiple successful ecom businesses. If you mention Amazon FBA, Shopify stores, or Print-on-Demand business, I was there. Now, it’s time for me to use my experience and resources to turn this world into a better place.

Company logos & branding

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