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Alternative lures is no joke, these guys are true professionals, I haven't received anything that looks anything less than pristine! Can't wait to slap these boys on some jigs, thank you.

Michael B.

AFL Pro Staff

Hands down the best lure to get them chasing and biting. Both were caught with the red one.

Frank C.

AFL Customer

Exceptionally well made, super fast shipping!

Vincent G.

AFL Customer

Combine your passion with also doing something good for what we all love. Cherish nature. This pike I caught today on a lure out of recycled fishing nets from the ocean. How cool is that?!


AFL Pro Staff

Thanks for upcycling ocean waste into functional art!! The lures look great & I can’t wait to gift them.

Amber D.

AFL Customer

Caught and Released another great pike! In this cold weather is very hard to catch them but its not impossible when you're using Alterantive fishing lures. Crazy Pike on a crazy good bait.


AFL Pro Staff

Thank you again! These lures look amazing. It’s even hard to believe that they are made from recycled waste plastics! Even the paint job on them is top notch.


AFL Customer

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