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Our fishing lures & tackle are created for a sole purpose - so the fishermen could keep on fishing.

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We created lures aimed at conserving our fisheries for generations to come. Made for anglers who want an unfair advantage over any competition.

Soft Lures

Biodegradable & eco-friendly soft lures made out of 100% recycled material.

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Hard Lures

Professional hard lures sustainably created from 100% recycled ocean plastic.

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Tackle bags

Sustainably sourced heavy-duty tackle bags made from recycled PET bottles.

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Join the revolution in fishing

High-end, sustainably sourced fishing lures made for all, casual long-weekend warriors to avid anglers.

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Frank and his huge bass fish

Frank C.

Hands down the best lure to get them chasing and biting. Such nice bass caught with the red "Plankton" lure.

Vincent holding a huge pike caught on Alternative Fishing Lures

Vincent H.

Exceptionally well made, super fast shipping! Couldn't be happier.

Amber holding a pack of Alternative senko worms

Amber D.

Thanks for upcycling ocean waste into functional art!! The lures look great & I can’t wait to gift them.

Alexander and his pike caught on Roughy lure

Alexander D.

Caught and Released another great pike! In this cold weather is very hard to catch them but its not impossible when you're using AFL.

Sebastian and his Leviathan musky lure

Sebastian V.

Thank you again! These lures look amazing. It’s even hard to believe that they are made from recycled waste plastics!

Michael and his huge musky caught on Leviathan

Michael M.

Alternative lures is no joke, these guys are true professionals, I haven't received anything that looks anything less than pristine!

Pike caught by Daan on the ocean plastic fishing lure

Daan V.

Combine your passion with also doing something good for what we all love. This pike I caught today on a lure out of recycled fishing nets from the ocean. How cool is that?!

Developed and tested by professional anglers

Cast aside traditional mass-produced lures made from virgin plastic and join us in the mission to reclaim our oceans, supported by 100s of anglers across the globe.

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Brings in the fish

Each fishing lure looks and feels real, moving even with the slightest change of action

From recycled materials

By using the recycled materials only, we're cleaning the plastic in the environment.

Can stand a punishment

Being made out of super-durable materials, we've seen a single lure catch 500+ fish.

Sustainably made

Unlike other companies, you'll get 100% non-toxic lure that's even lead-free!

Saves you money

With durability 40-80 times higher compared to other baits, these are made to last!

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Our mission?

We're on the mission of bringing a thriving life back to our shores. If we take no action NOW, the resulting negative outcome will impact our ecosystems, economies, and health.

We believe that fishermen share the deepest connections with our oceans, rivers, and lakes. They stand in the front line, while the places providing their unforgettable experiences, livelihood or relaxation are disappearing. We are here to change this!

By closing the plastic pollution at the source and recovering the plastic already in our oceans, we can tackle the most pressing issue of our generation. And this is exactly what we do. We're a purpose-driven business on a mission to end the ocean plastic pollution crisis. Now, you can be a part of it!

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viktor - the founder fishing
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