5800+ lbs of plastic recycled

4.2 tonnes of CO2 emissions offsetted

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with the world's 1st upcycled fishing lures

We created lures aimed at conserving our fisheries for generations to come. Made for anglers who want an unfair advantage over any competition.

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Made to Clean

5 800+ lbs of plastic recycled by the production of our sustainable lures.

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Extremely Effective

Crazy effective lures attract strikes from even the biggest and most frightened fish out there.

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Offsetted Emissions

CO2 emissions from manufacture & shipments offsetted in favor of clean energy projects.

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Lures created with nature in mind

We create tackle aimed at protecting and conserving our fisheries for generations to come. Each piece of our tackle is eco-friendly, non-toxic, 100% recycled & recyclable, and comes with offset emissions.

Why? Because only in waters full of life can fishing experiences be unforgettable. All who enjoy fishing should come together and stand up for what we know is right.

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alternative ocean plastic fishing bait

Leviathan - Hard Upcycled Fishing Lure Mahi Mahi


Papa Craw - Upcycled Soft Lure, 5 pcs Dark Flex


Tide - Hard Upcycled Fishing Lure Mackerel


Ocean Pack - Recycled PET Bottles Tackle Backpack


Roughy - Hard Upcycled Fishing Lure Brook Trout

Sold out

Bugaloo - Upcycled Soft Lure, 5 pcs Green Pumpkin


Chopstick - Upcycled Soft Lure, 5 pcs Electric Green


Pelagic - Hard Upcycled Fishing Lure Brown Trout

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cleaning up the ocean

Made to Clean-Up

We've recovered and recycled 5 800+ lbs of oceans’ most horrific form of plastic waste. And that is just by producing the initial set of our fishing lures! By doing so, we equally prevented the new plastics from entering our environment.

Feel free to check our sustainability report here.

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Extremely Effective

Crazy effective fishing lures attract strikes from even the biggest and most frightened fish. Never-seen lures give you a huge advantage over any competition & out-performed any lure in terms of effectiveness.

You get the lures that bring the fish!

offsetted carbon emissions

Offsetted Emissions

We've tracked even CO2 emissions generated by recycling, manufacture, and shipments of stock to our fulfillment centers.

We've offset the resulting value of carbon emissions in favor of sustainable energy projects or reforestation projects to create truly the cleanest fishing tackle program in the world.

These are the results of our work:

5.8k lbs

of plastic recycled in production of our sustainable fishing lures.

4.2 t

of CO2 emissions compensated in favor of sustainable energy projects.


sustainable & eco-friendly fishing lures manufactured by upcycling.


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See what other people, prototype testers, and supporters told about us.

testimonials from customers images

Combine your passion with also doing something good for what we all love. Cherish nature. This pike I caught today on a lure out of recycled fishing nets from the ocean. How cool is that?!

Daan, @visverlagen, Netherlands
testimonials from customers images

Caught and Released another great Pike on the Roughy, 15cm lure. In this cold weather is very hard to catch them but its not impossible especially when you're using Alterantive fishing lures. Crazy Pike on a crazy good bait.

Alexander, @akd_fishing, Netherlands
testimonials from customers images

Thank you again! These lures look amazing. It’s even hard to believe that they are made from recycled waste plastics! Even the paint job on them is top notch.

Sebastian, @sebastian.dav, Romania
testimonials from customers images

Alternative has designed fishing lures made from ocean plastic. It became a “company with a cause” as the flood of plastic waste into our seas continues. Read More

Jonas, www.fishstainable.com, US
testimonials from customers images

Too wet to film but had a cast with these new lures and caught my first pike of the year!

Andrew, @fishing_live_uk, UK
testimonials from customers images

I love how the lures move in water, even when you put some weight on them to make them go deeper. Stop reeling and they will go to the side, deadly in most waters!

Simon, @sipofishing, Sweden
testimonials from customers images

I’ve started this company with one simple goal – to clean up & reuse as much ocean plastic waste as we possibly can. Now, I’m thrilled to see it becoming a reality.

Viktor, CEO of Alterantive, Slovakia